Ways of living a better with a focus on the enviroment

As a parent of a young child, I have started to look into living a life where I can minimize the impact to the already fragile environment while maintaining a positive, healthy and enjoyable life.

A few things I’ve started to do is to use eco-friendly products, eating more healthy with organic and plant-based products (where possible), replacing energy-wasting appliances with more energy friendly appliances. To keep this momentum, I like to surround myself with eco-friendly things and one way of doing this is to take photos of eco-friendly products and also launch my own eco-friendy product range.

Below are some of the products I came across and have started to sell on amazon.

You can find this the beautiful Minami Eco Straws on amazon. Please click here!

The beautiful and elegant Minami Eco Bamboo Bag will be released in Early January 2019.

I have also created an E-book to help anyone who wants to start replacing non eco-friendly everyday products (such as plastics) with eco-friendly products.

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